Greys Anatomy


A Medical-Based drama centered around Meredith Grey, an aspiring surgeon and daughter of one of the best surgeons, Dr. Ellis Grey. Throughout the series, Meredith goes through professional and personal challenges along with fellow surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital.
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S15E8 -Blowin' in the Wind

Seattle is hit by a huge windstorm and Grey Sloan becomes inundated ..

S15E7 -Anybody Have a Map?

Catherine is in Los Angeles getting the new foundation ready and sum..

S15E6 -Flowers Grow Out o..

Meredith has a patient whose family is celebrating Day of the Dead, ..

S15E5 - Everyday Angel

Meredith reaches out to Teddy and helps her talk through some of her..

S15E4 -Momma Knows Best (1)

Meredith turns heads when she shows up to work done up and ready for..

S15E3 -Gut Feeling

Meredith works on a patient who happens to specialize in matchmaking..

S15E2 - Broken Together

New doctors continue to shake up the hospital in typical Grey Sloan ..

S15E1 -With a Wonder and ..

The doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial vie for a new position. Meredith ..

S14E24 - All of Me

Meredith Grey and the team of doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial are fac..

S14E23 - Cold as Ice

One of Grey Sloan Memorial’s own is truly harmed, influencing the ..

S14E22 - Fight For Your M..

Alex and Jo go on a road trip to Iowa to find Alex’s mom, whom he ..

S14E21 -Bad Reputation

The hospital brings in crisis management to help sort out allegation..

S14E20 -Judgment Day

During presentations on Grey Sloan Surgical Innovation Prototypes Da..

S14E19 -Beautiful Dreamer

An agent from ICE shows up at Grey Sloan in search of an employee wh..

S14E18 - Hold Back the Ri..

Amelia, Koracick and DeLuca perform a risky procedure to remove a yo..

S14E17 - One Day Like This

April’s crisis of faith is challenged by a patient she treats who ..

S14E16 -Caught Somewhere ..

Maggie and Jackson are enjoying spending time together, but he must ..

S14E15 -Old ScarsFuture H..

Meredith tries to learn more about Marie Cerone’s history with her..

S14E14 - Games People Play

Maggie’s relationship with Clive starts to progress, and she invit..

S14E13 -You Really Got a ..

Seattle firefighters Ben Warren and Andy Herrera head to Grey Sloan ..

S14E12 -HarderBetterFaste..

April is in charge of the new Grey Sloan Surgical Innovation Contest..

S14E11 -(Don't Fear) The ..

The stress of managing the hospital and coming to terms with Ben's d..

S14E8 - Out of Nowhere

A hacker compromises the hospital’s computer system, causing monit..

S14E7 - Who LivesWho Dies..

After a roller coaster car falls off the track at the county fair, t..

SE - Come on Down to My B..

Jackson decides he needs some time off and invites the guys to join ..

S14E5 - Danger Zone

In a flashback to Iraq in 2007, the events leading up to Megan’s k..

S14E4 - Ain't That a Kick..

Amelia confronts a difficult situation, while Meredith deals with th..

S14E3 - Go Big or Go Home

Harper Avery arrives at Grey Sloan, putting Bailey on edge. A famili..

S14E2 - Get Off On The Pain

Meredith struggles to come up with a new plan for Owen’s sister. J..

S14E1 - Break Down The Ho..

Season 14 opens as Meredith and the team are focused on helping Owen..

S13E24 - Ring of Fire

In the season finale, the doctors' lives are at risk after a dangero..

S13E23 - True Colors

The doctors of Grey Sloan encounter a difficult case involving a dan..

S13E22 - Leave It Inside

April and Andrew consult with a fiery patient who has a giant, inope..

S13E21 - Don't Stop Me Now

Bailey and April work to fix things between Richard and Catherine; E..

S13E20 - In the Air Tonight

Meredith and Nathan have to confront their feelings when they are ar..

S13E19 - What's Inside

When Maggie takes on a big case, many of the doctors are worried she..

S13E18 - Be StillMy Soul

When Maggie’s mom’s health deteriorates, the doctors are at odds..

S13E17 - Till I Hear It F..

Diane Pierce returns to Grey Sloan, but Maggie is still in the dark ..

S13E16 - Who Is He (And W..

Jackson and April travel to Montana in order to perform a complicate..

S13E15 - Civil War

Richard, Jackson, April and Catherine tackle a tough trauma case int..

S13E14 - Back Where You B..

Alex returns to the hospital and discovers a lot has changed since h..

S13E13 - It Only Gets Muc..

The residents are excited for Eliza’s next phase of teaching, but ..

S13E12 - None of Your Bus..

Maggie gets a surprise visit from her mother at the hospital. Bailey..

S13E11 - Jukebox Hero

Richard and the attendings set out to make Eliza’s first day at Gr..

S13E10 - You Can Look (Bu..

Bailey, Arizona and Jo go to a maximum security women’s prison to ..

S13E9 - You Haven’t Don..

Believing he is going to jail tomorrow, Alex makes a big decision ab..

S13E8 - The Room Where It..

A difficult surgery brings back pivotal memories for Meredith, Richa..

S13E7 - Why Try to Change..

The arrival of a new consultant puts all of the doctors on edge, esp..

S13E6 - Roar

A familiar face returns to Grey Sloan, throwing many of the doctors ..

S13E5 - Both Sides Now

Meredith and Bailey are at odds when both of their patients need a l..

S13E4 - Falling Slowly

Alex tries to do the right thing but still cant catch a break. Jacks..

S13E3 - I Ain’t No Mira..

A car crash at a funeral brings a bickering family into the hospital..

S13E2 - Catastrophe and t..

Meredith considers her loyalties, as Alex deals with the repercussio..

S13E1 - Undo

When one of Grey Sloan’s own lands in the hospital, Bailey tries t..

S12E24 - Family Affair

Meredith and Maggie support Amelia on an important day; Jo reveals t..

S12E23 - At Last

Owen and Amelia take their relationship to the next level; Alex gain..

S12E22 - Mama Tried

Callie and Arizona are at odds over Sofia’s future, and Stephanie ..

S12E21 - You're Gonna Nee..

Stephanie’s relationship with Kyle becomes complicated. Meanwhile,..

S12E20 - Trigger Happy

The doctors work frantically to save a young boy who was accidentall..

S12E19 - It’s AlrightMa..

Miranda continues to deal with the aftermath of Ben's reckless decis..

S12E18 - There’s a Fine..

After a missing child forces the hospital into lockdown, Ben decides..

S12E17 - I Wear the Face

Meredith goes on an ambulance ride with Owen and Nathan to pick up a..

S12E16 - When It Hurts So..

Meredith regrets taking a step forward with Will; Maggie feels disco..

S12E15 - I Am Not Waiting..

Jackson learns about April’s pregnancy, while Alex and the team of..

S12E14 - Odd Man Out

Turmoil ensues when Richard changes the staff pairings; Arizona take..

S12E13 - All Eyez on Me

Meredith, Bailey, Jackson, Callie and Jo travel to a military hospit..

S12E12 - My Next Life

A patient from Meredith's first surgery as an intern is readmitted t..

S12E11 - Unbreak My Heart

Flashbacks reveal the evolution of April and Jackson's relationship,..

S12E10 - All I Want Is You

The staff tend to Meredith and her trauma. Meanwhile, Callie and Mag..

S12E9 - The Sound of Sile..

A patient attacks Meredith and Penny finds her wounded, so Meredith'..

S12E8 - Things We Lost in..

As gossip continues to spread, a wildfire sends many firefighters to..

S12E7 - Something Against..

Tension rises as the doctors help a long-time patient; Bailey urges ..

S12E6 - The Me Nobody Knows

A new resident transfers to Grey Sloan Memorial; Richard is uncertai..

S12E5 - Guess Who's Comin..

Maggie ditches cooking duties at her sister's dinner party to rush t..

S12E4 - Old Time Rock and..

Owen suggests the interns learn about breaking bad news to patients'..


When Maggie gets an invitation to her ex-boyfriend's wedding, she st..


No description

S11E24 - You’re My Home

As the doctors deal with a crisis, they are reminded of what is most..

S11E23 - Time Stops

The doctors must set their emotions aside and focus on a catastrophe.

S11E22 - She's Leaving Home

Jackson struggles to understand April's decision; Ben and Bailey dis..

S11E21 - How to Save a Life

Derek spring into action to saves lives after witnessing a terrible ..

S11E20 - One Flight Down

A small plane crash results in multiple casualties -- and brings bac..

S11E19 - Crazy Love

A man whose wife took revenge for his cheating ways comes into the h..

S11E18 - When I Grow Up

A group of children visit the hospital on a field trip and observe t..

S11E17 - With or Without ..

Meredith, rattled by the latest events, tries to figure out what to ..

S11E16 - Don't Dream It's..

Jackson and April try to return to normalcy; Arizona realizes that C..

S11E15 - I Feel the Earth..

An earthquake leaves Maggie trapped in an elevator and threatens Mer..

S11E14 - The Distance

Amelia begins operating on Dr. Herman as a crowd of doctors looks on.

S11E13 - Staring at the End

Amelia gives a lecture about the intricacies of Dr. Herman's case th..

S11E12 - The Great Preten..

Meredith dodges Maggie's questions about DC; Bailey and Ben worry ab..

S11E11 - All I Could Do W..

April and Jackson face a tough decision concerning their unborn baby..

S11E10 - The Bed's Too Bi..

April stays positive as tests are run on her baby; Dr. Herman plans ..

S11E8 - The Bed's Too Big..

A disagreement about a patient's case leads to a bigger argument bet..


Information about Amelia's past emerges and causes problems for her ..

S11E6 - Don't Let's Start

Owen bonds with a patient who may have served in the military; April..

S11E5 - Bend and Break

Arizona and Callie examine their marital problems; Richard turns to ..

S11E4 - Only Mama Knows

Meredith watches videos and reads her mother's journals, learning se..

S11E3 - Got to Be Real

Owen tries to get Callie to help Veterans Hospital patients with the..

S11E2 - Puzzle With a Pie..

Maggie tries to make a good impression but finds herself in unfortun..

S11E1 - I Must Have Lost ..

With changes at home and work, Meredith struggles to find a sense of..

S10E24 - Fear (of the Unk..

In the 10th-season finale, Cristina's coworkers give her a fond send..

S10E23 - Everything I DoN..

Meredith learns Amelia's true feelings about Seattle; Bailey deals w..

S10E22 - We Are Never Eve..

Cristina considers her future at the hospital; a surgery involving c..

S10E21 - Change of Heart

Jackson must deliver bad news to the doctors; Derek's sister visits;..

S10E20 - Go It Alone

Cristina enlists Meredith to help her prepare an acceptance speech f..

S10E19 - I'm Winning

Cristina won't let herself get excited when she is nominated for a H..

S10E18 - You Be Illin'

The doctors are exposed to flu-infected patients; Derek prepares to ..

S10E17 - Do You Know?

Cristina thinks about her future; a patient decides whether to live ..

S10E16 - We Gotta Get Out..

Bailey asks Richard to join her on the case of a lifetime; Meredith ..

S10E15 - Throwing It All ..

Arizona's bad day escalates when she advises a patient on a potentia..

S10E14 - You've Got to Hi..

Couples panic when the hospital announces a non-fraternizing policy;..

S10E13 - Take It Back

The doctors are faced with the consequences of the events at April's..

S10E12 - Get upStand Up

Meredith and Cristina bicker about their careers; Bailey talks to Be..

S10E11 - Man on the Moon

April's sister visits and begins to annoy her. Elsewhere, Callie and..

S10E10 - Somebody That I ..

Ben regrets a conversation he had with Derek, fearing it may lead to..

S10E9 - Sorry Seems to Be..

As Callie is faced with a malpractice suit, her supportive father (H..

S10E8 - Two Against One

A betrayal intensifies the issues between Cristina and Meredith; Mat..

S10E7 - Thriller

Costumed patients create a challenge for the doctors; Derek and Ben ..

S10E6 - Map of You

Callie and Derek collaborate on a brain mapping project; Meredith th..

S10E5 - I Bet It Stung

Meredith struggles to balance her roles as a surgeon and a mother wh..

S10E4 - Puttin' on the Ritz

The doctors put together a fundraising gala; Bailey must face severa..

S10E3 - Everybody's Cryin..

Derek and Meredith adjust to life at home with their newborn; Arizon..

S10E2 - I Want You With Me

The staff continue to assist those affected by the storm. Meanwhile,..

S10E1 & 2 - Seal Our Fate

Following the storm, a mudslide injures first responders and citizen..

S9E24 - Perfect Storm

In the ninth-season finale, a severe storm rages outside and the hos..

S9E23 - Readiness Is All

The hospital staff get ready for a major storm about to hit Seattle...

S9E22 - Do You Believe in..

Bailey continues to shut everyone out; Owen worries that Ethan could..

S9E21 - Sleeping Monster

After several of Bailey's patients die, she becomes the focus of a C..

S9E20 - She's Killing Me

Unsettling news motivates Derek and Meredith to take preventative st..

S9E19 - Can't Fight This ..

A gas tanker explodes on a highway, resulting in multiple injuries; ..

S9E18 - Idle Hands

A gas tanker explodes on a highway, resulting in multiple injuries; ..

S9E17 - Transplant Wastel..

Discord and chaos created by new management causes one doctor to que..

S9E16 - This Is Why We Fi..

As news of Seattle Grace's financial issues spreads, Catherine wants..

S9E15 - Hard Bargain

Owen is faced with tough decisions as Seattle Grace spirals toward f..

S9E14 - The Face of Change

Several of the doctors compete to be the new face of Seattle Grace; ..

S9E13 - Bad Blood

Derek and April fight to find a solution for the hospital; Cristina ..

S9E12 - Walking on a Dream

A new doctor at Seattle Grace puts others on edge; Arizona struggles..

S9E11 - The End is the Be..

Derek, Meredith, Arizona and Cristina receive news about the plane c..

S9E10 - Things We Said To..

Bailey puts her wedding day on hold and continues her efforts to sav..

S9E9 - Run Baby Run

As the rest of the doctors prepare for Bailey's wedding, Richard hel..

S9E8 - Love Turns You Ups..

The new batch of interns find themselves involved in all the drama a..

S9E7 - I Was Made for Lov..

Cristina and Owen continue to figure out their relationship amidst t..

S9E6 - Second Opinion

As the doctors continue with their lawsuit, they're forced to confro..

S9E5 - Beautiful Doom

Meredith and Cristina lean on each other and maintain their long-dis..

S9E4 - I Saw Her Standing..

Aware that Derek might never operate again, Meredith stops talking a..

S9E3 - Love the One You'r..

The plane-crash survivors face a difficult choice, which will have f..

S9E2 - Remember the Time

A flashback to the aftermath of the plane crash recounts how the vic..

S9E1 - Going Going Gone

The doctors of Seattle Grace are faced with the aftermath of last se..

S8E24 - Flight

Faced with a life threatening situation, the doctors must fight to stay alive while trying to save the lives of their peers; Bailey and Ben make a decision regarding their relationship; and Teddy is presented with a tempting offer. Meanwhile, Richard plans a special dinner for the residents, on the Season Finale of "Grey's Anatomy". ">

S8E23 - Migration

The residents make their postresidency decisions; Mark tells Derek t..

S8E22 - Let The Bad Times..

The residents agonize over their oral boards, reliving every answer ..

S8E21 - Moment of Truth

After eight years of practice, the residents head to San Francisco f..

S8E20 - The Girl with No ..

The doctors work on a Jane Doe, who turns out to be the subject of a..

S8E19 - Support System

Cristina presses Owen for details of his affair; chief-for-a-day Mar..

S8E18 - The Lion Sleeps T..

A lion breaks loose in Seattle, leaving a couple's lives and relatio..

S8E17 - One Step Too Far

Derek encourages Meredith to work with him again in neurology; Jacks..

S8E16 - If Only You Were ..

As Adele's condition continues to deteriorate, Richard considers alt..

S8E15 - Have You Seen Me ..

Derek's sister Amelia arrives from L.A. to ask Derek for help with E..

S8E14 - All You Need Is L..

It's Valentine's Day, and Lexie and Mark draw babysitting duty (for ..

S8E13 - If/Then

Meredith dreams about what-ifs in flashbacks. Among them: Her mother..

S8E12 - Hope for the Hope..

Richard performs his 10,000th surgery—a liver transplant involving..

S8E11 - This Magic Moment

The doctors split into teams for a risky surgery involving conjoined..

S8E10 - Suddenly

As the human wreckage from a serious auto accident preoccupies the d..

S8E9 - Dark Was the Night

Henry is sent to the OR for emergency surgery while Teddy's away; Me..

S8E8 - Heart-Shaped Box

George's mother (Debra Monk) returns to Seattle Grace after undergoi..

S8E7 - Put Me InCoach

Owen tries to teach the doctors a lesson in teamwork when he signs t..

S8E6 - Poker Face

After being blackballed by most of the surgeons, Meredith uses Lexie..

S8E5 - LoveLoss and Legacy

Jackson's mother (Debbie Allen), a renowned surgeon, arrives to perf..

S8E4 - What Is It About Men

The doctors of Seattle Grace are called upon to man up when a stampe..

S8E3 - Take the Lead

The chief makes a career-changing decision; Cristina and Owen try to..

S8E2 - She's Gone

news of Meredith and Derek's unsteady relationship raises a red flag..

S8E1&2 - Free Falling

the fifth-year residents return for the first day of a year that wil..

S7E22 - Unaccompanied Minor

Season 7 finale: Meredith's deceit in Derek's clinical trial comes t..

S7E21 - I Will Survive

Meredith is on edge and Cristina's increasingly defiant as Owen cond..

S7E20 - White Wedding

Callie and Arizona's wedding nears, but things aren't turning out th..

S7E19 - It's a Long Way B..

Callie and her baby, Sofia, are recovering following the accident, b..

S7E18 - Song Beneath the ..

A cataclysmic event leaves the doctors shaken; Callie, on the verge ..

S7E17 - This Is How We Do..

Richard tries to get Adele into Derek and Meredith's Alzheimer's tri..

S7E16 - Not Responsible

Meredith's fertility treatments start affecting her eyesight; Mark t..

S7E15 - Golden Hour

Meredith volunteers to run the ER for a night in hope of proving tha..

S7E14 - P.Y.T. (Pretty Yo..

Meredith and Lexie's father returns to Seattle Grace with stomach pa..

S7E13 - Don't Deceive Me ..

Meredith feels left out when Derek breaks ground on his clinical tri..

S7E12 - Start Me Up

Arizona tries to reconcile with Callie, who has big news to share; T..

S7E11 - Disarm

A gunman opens fire at a local college, sending mass casualties to t..

S7E10 - Adrift and at Peace

Concerned about Cristina, Derek takes her on a fishing trip; Teddy d..

S7E9 - Slow NightSo Long

Derek and the attendings go out to celebrate when he gets the grant ..

S7E8 - Something's Gotta ..

A team of doctors tries to save the life of a political figure from ..

S7E7 - That's Me Trying

Owen puts the residents through a rigorous trauma certification dril..

S7E6 - These Arms of Mine

A documentary crew visits the hospital six months after the shooting..

S7E5 - Almost Grown

As part of their training, Seattle Grace's residents are put in char..

S7E4 - Can't Fight Biology

Derek and Meredith visit the obstetrician and receive disturbing new..

S7E3 - Superfreak

Issues surface when Derek's estranged sister, Amelia (Caterina Scors..

S7E2 - Shock to the System

Meredith finally tells Derek about her pregnancy and miscarriage; du..

S7E1 - With You I'm Born ..

The staff tries to deal with physical and emotional trauma in the wa..

S6E24 - Death and All His..

Aired: May 20, 2010

Episode Synopsis: Season 6 finale: A..

S6E23 - Sanctuary

Episode Synopsis: Season 6 finale: A crisis hits Seattle Grace-Mercy..

S6E22 - Shiny Happy People

An elderly patient admitted into the E.R. for a heart condition sees..

S6E21 - How Insensitive

Bailey preps the team with mandatory sensitivity training prior to a..

S6E20 - HookLine and Sinner

Sloan returns to Mark's apartment, just as she's going into labor, a..

S6E19 - Sympathy for the ..

When Alex's younger brother, Aaron, shows up at Seattle Grace-Mercy ..

S6E18 - Suicide Is Painless

When Teddy's patient seeks to end treatment and her life, she turns ..

S6E17 - Push

Owen and Richard compete for an extremely difficult surgery; Bailey ..

S6E16 - Perfect Little Ac..

When famous surgeon Dr. Harper Avery is rushed to Seattle Grace-Merc..

S6E15 - Time Warp

In his new role as Chief, Derek restores the hospital lecture series..

S6E14 - Valentine's Day M..

It's Valentine's Day, and the doctors must treat dozens of injured p..

S6E13 - State of Love and..

As Derek begins his role as interim chief, he faces a potential laws..

S6E12 - I Like You So Muc..

Derek confronts Richard about his drinking problem and the triangle ..

S6E11 - Blink

Mark flies Addison to Seattle to help with a difficult procedure on ..

S6E10 - Holidaze

As Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's pass, Miranda gets a visit..

S6E9 - New History

Owen recruits Dr. Teddy Altman a former Iraqi veteran, as the new ca..

S6E8 - Invest In Love

A generous 25 million donation is offered to Seattle Grace by the pa..

S6E7 - Give Peace a Chance

When the hospital lab tech, Isaac, discovers he has an inoperable tu..

S6E6 - I Saw What I Saw

When a burn victim unexpectedly dies in the E.R., all the Mercy West..

S6E5 - Invasion

The residents of Seattle Grace and Mercy West vie for surgeries and ..

S6E4 - Tainted Obligation

When Meredith and Lexie's father, Thatcher, returns to the hospital ..

S6E3 - I Always Feel Like..

Several weeks after her near-death experience, a recovering Izzie re..

S6E2 - Goodbye (2)

Everyone is struggling after losing one of their own and are turning..

S6E1 - Good Mourning (1)

The hospital staff is left to deal with the aftermath of George's pa..

S5E24 - Now or Never

Part two of a two-hour season finale. Izzie spends time with a fello..

S5E23 - Here's To The Fut..

In the first part of the two hour season finale, Izzie spends time w..

S5E22 - What A Difference..

It's Meredith and Derek's wedding day, but as the day progresses cou..

S5E21 - No Good At Saying..

As preparations continue for Meredith and Derek's wedding, several r..

S5E20 - Sweet Surrender

Amidst a series of intense treatments, Izzie throws herself into Der..

S5E19 - Elevator Love Let..

All eyes are on Derek as he is set to perform his first surgery afte..

S5E18 - Stand by Me

After his fellow surgeons try and fail to bring Derek back to work, ..

S5E17 - I Will Follow You..

After learning at a deposition that more of his patients have died t..

S5E16 - An Honest Mistake

Derek's confidence is shaken like never before as he faces off with ..

S5E15 - Before and After

Addison, Naomi and Sam rush the ailing Archer to Seattle Grace and r..

S5E14 - Beat Your Heart Out

Now that Derek has the engagement ring, he searches for the perfect ..

S5E13 - Stairway to Heaven

Bailey grows desperate as a patient's condition becomes more and mor..

S5E12 - Sympathy For The ..

Derek's mother, Carolyn, makes a surprise visit to Seattle and meets..

S5E11 - Wish You Were Here

Bailey teams with Seattle Grace's new pediatric surgeon, Dr. Arizona..

S5E10 - All By Myself

Cristina is awarded the first solo surgery among the residents, but ..

S5E9 - In the Midnight Hour

Meredith, Cristina and Bailey come to Lexie and Sadie's rescue when ..

S5E8 - These Ties That Bind

One of Meredith's oldest friends, Sadie, becomes an intern at Seattl..

S5E7 - Rise Up

The Chief announces to the residents that a solo surgery will be awa..

S5E6 - Life During Wartime

To help Bailey become the best general surgeon at Seattle Grace, the..

S5E5 - There's No 'I' In ..

Bailey heads up a "domino procedure," in which each surgery hinges o..

S5E4 - Brave New World

Meredith gets upset when Derek finds her mother's diary; Callie worr..

S5E3 - Here Comes The Flood

A plumbing leak becomes a deluge and wreaks havoc at Seattle Grace, ..

S5E2 - Dream a Little Dre..

Determined to reverse Seattle Grace's slide into mediocrity, the chi..

S5E1 - Dream a Little Dre..

Meredith and Derek find that "happily ever after" isn't as easy as t..

S4E17 - Freedom (2)

In the two-hour season finale, Meredith and Derek take another shot ..

S4E16 - Freedom (1)

Meredith and Derek work on their last patient in their clinical tria..

S4E15 - Losing My Mind

Dr. Wyatt (Amy Madigan) refuses to let Meredith give up on therapy, ..

S4E14 - The Becoming

The clinical trial continues to make progress. The anti-McSteamy clu..

S4E13 - Piece of My Heart

Addison visits Seattle Grace because they need skills that only she ..

S4E12 - Where The Wild Th..

Time, specifically six weeks, has passed but sexual angst still runs..

S4E11 - Lay Your Hands on..

George has a surprise visitor. Bailey's family is falling apart. Der..

S4E10 - Crash Into Me (2)

Meredith works furiously to save a paramedic trapped in an ambulance..

S4E9 - Crash Into Me (1)

An ambulance crash endangers the lives of the paramedics involved, a..

S4E8 - Forever Young

There has been a bus crash and the patients are in the ER. Meredith ..

S4E7 - Physical Attractio..

Two arguing parents, who are named Jane and Don, bring their son in ..

S4E6 - Kung Fu Fighting

A patient comes to the ER with a dream and a condition which may pre..

S4E5 - Haunt You Every Day

It's Halloween at Seattle Grace! Some of the women form a club based..

S4E4 - The Heart of the M..

A face familiar to one of the year-twos shows up and dredges up issu..

S4E3 - Let The Truth Sting

A woman named Marcy brings in her son, Hunter, because she finds his..

S4E2 - Love/Addiction

A patient is in the hospital because they fell asleep in a hazardous..

S4E1 - A Change is Gonna ..

Entering their first year as residents, Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang..

S3E25 - Didn't We Almost ..

Callie and George make a big decision. A successor to Chief Webber i..

S3E24 - Testing 1-2-3

The interns take the biggest test of their careers, their first-year..

S3E23 - The Other Side of..

Meredith works on her relationship with Susan and Thatcher. Cristina..

S3E22 - The Other Side of..

Meredith works on her relationship with Susan and Thatcher. Cristina..

S3E21 - Desire

The attendings vie to be Chief. Two people who haven't slept togethe..

S3E20 - time after time

Colin Marlow continues to try to get in the way of Cristina and Burk..

S3E19 - My Favorite Mistake

Callie's father comes to Seattle Grace and meets George, the hospita..

S3E18 - Scars and Souvenirs

Alex grows closer to Jane Doe as he continues to work on her case. H..

S3E17 - Some Kind of Mira..

Everyone is pushing for Meredith to survive, or in this case to be r..

S3E16 - Drowning on Dry L..

Almost everyone searches for Meredith while they ponder her place in..

S3E15 - Walk On Water

The staff is trying to deal with antsy patients while dealing with a..

S3E14 - Wishin' and Hopin'

The chief's announcement of his retirement sparks competition betwee..

S3E13 - Great Expectations

George has become a sex machine. Dr. Bailey has the idea of opening ..

S3E12 - Six Days (2)

Cristina and Burke continue to play Uncle until one of them gives in..

S3E11 - Six Days (1)

Meredith discovers that Derek has a problem sleeping while her fathe..

S3E10 - Don't Stand So Cl..

Recent events strain Burke and Cristina's relationship. Mark and Der..

S3E9 - From A Whisper to ..

A traumatic car accident fills the ER. Izzie pushes the boundaries o..

S3E8 - Staring at the Sun

George's father has a serious heart problem that requires surgery an..

S3E7 - Where the Boys Are

The men of Seattle Grace go on a camping trip together, Addison and ..

S3E6 - Let The Angels Com..

Cristina gets to scrub in on a rare surgery which incites envy. Alex..

S3E5 - OhThe Guilt

Derek learns one of Addison's secrets. Bailey talks about motherhood..

S3E4 - What I Am

Shawn Sullivan, a car salesman who just had surgery, wants to get ba..

S3E3 - Sometimes a Fantasy

The staff tries to prevent a patient from getting an elective surger..

S3E2 - I Am a Tree

Cristina meets Burke's parents, the interns try to get Izzie's job b..

S3E1 - Time Has Come Today

Meredith must make an important choice about which path she wants to..

S2E26 & 27- Deterioration..

Denny needs a heart or else. Izzie and George go crazy trying to get..

S2E25 - 17 Seconds

George and Derek work together, Denny still doesn't have a heart, an..

S2E24 - Damage Case

The staff attends to an intern from another hospital who has short-t..

S2E23 - Blues for Sister ..

Addison's patient is a Catholic mother of seven who wants her tubes ..

S2E22 - The Name of the G..

Meredith and Izzie take up knitting. Derek operates on Andrew, a spe..

S2E21 - Superstition

After a series of deaths at the hospital some of the staff become ve..

S2E20 - Band Aid Covers t..

The doctors are up to their necks in their usual levels of drama. Me..

S2E19 - What Have I Done ..

Meredith and George are experiencing morning-after tension at home a..

S2E18 - Yesterday

Derek and Addison's relationship is rocked to the core when a former..

S2E17 - As We Know It (2)

Derek is still operating when he finds out about Meredith's current ..

S2E16 - It's the End of t..

An explosive case arrives at the O.R. that might endanger all the li..

S2E15 - Break on Through

All the nurses at Seattle Grace Hospital go on strike, leaving the d..

S2E14 - Tell Me Sweet Lit..

Meredith and Cristina lie to each other and themselves about their r..

S2E13 - Begin the Begin

Cristina is bothered by a new year's mandatory work limit. Izzie pat..

S2E12 - Grandma Got Run O..

The holiday season has started but not everyone is in a festive mood..

S2E11 - Owner of a Lonely..

Cristina Yang has little sympathy for Constance Ferguson (special gu..

S2E10 - Much Too Much

Dorie Russell is waiting for quintuplets, all 5 girls. Her husband s..

S2E9 - Thanks for the Mem..

It's Thanksgiving at Seattle Grace Hospital but the holiday's festiv..

S2E8 - Let It Be

Meredith tries to avoid the Shepherds. Cristina and Burke go out on ..

S2E7 - Something to Talk ..

Cristina, Izzie and Meredith take care of Shane, a man who appears t..

S2E6 - Into You Like A Tr..

Train wreck victims come to Seattle Grace and all staff gets called ..

S2E5 - Bring The Pain

Meredith and Dr. Shepherd must convince a religious man to allow his..

S2E4 - DenyDenyDeny

As Cristina tries to recover, she proves to be a very difficult pati..

S2E3 - Make Me Lose Control

Cristina and Meredith try to figure out if Cristina should tell Burk..

S2E2 - Enough Is Enough (..

There's tension between Meredith and Addison. We find out why Derek ..

S2E1 - Raindrops Keep Fal..

Picks up where the last episode left off. Meredith attempts to work ..

S1E9 - Who's Zoomin' Who?

A sexually transmitted disease breaks out and affects several member..

S1E8 - Save Me

Meredith grows increasingly dissatisfied with the unknown details of..

S1E7 - The Self Destruct ..

Derek and Meredith try (unsuccessfully) to be discreet as they spend..

S1E6 - If Tomorrow Never ..

Izzie tries to get George to find the courage to ask Meredith out. A..

S1E5 - Shake Your Groove ..

Meredith realizes that she must take on a lot more responsibility wh..

S1E4 - No Man's Land

While George is feeling a little less masculine because of the way I..

S1E3 - Winning a BattleLo..

When a bike race leaves one pedestrian brain dead, interns Cristina ..

S1E2 - The First Cut Is t..

The surgical staff tries to be optimistic as a young woman clings to..

S1E1 - A hard days night

Meredith Grey enrolls in a rigorous surgical residency program at Se..